1)The college has the right to take action against the students who break the college rules and misbehave with thier teachers or the other staff of the college .This punishment can be in the form of a fine or expulsion or rustication.

2) If a student is caught consuming liquor or any other intoxicant inside the premises of the college or enters the college campus in an intoxicated state or brings with him, such stu dents, then he/she will be expelled from the college on the spot without asking for any explanations. He/she will not be given a certificate regarding good character under any cir cumstances.

3) Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students who play cards or smokes cigarettes etc. in the college or damage in any way, the college building or other property. They can also be expelled from the college.

4) For common information and guidance, the notices will be put up on the notice board from time to time. The students are expected to see the notice board everyday. Ignorance of any rule is not an excuse.

5) There can not be any meeting or election in the college without the prior permission of the principal.

6) The student can seek the guidance of his tutor, senior-tutor or principal in case of any problem in the college.

7) It is the duty of every student to keep the college campus clean.

8) Rights to prize/ Scholarship/ Fee concession or any other concession given by the college are taken back from the student who is found guilty of bad conduct in any way.

9) Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student found tearing off any notice from the notice board or pasting any notice not related to the college.

10) The students are expected to come in graceful and presentable clothes . The over-all personality of a students should reflect his/her culture. A student should be an inquisitive learner and dress in a modest manner.

11) Students are advised to leave the college campus immediately after their classes are over.

12) No student is allowed to make any collection from other students. In case of special circumstances like any crisis in the country or the state, it can be done only with the permission of the principal.

13) No student is allowed to use mobile phone in the class, library, corridors or in the laboratories.

14) Roaming without any purpose in front of classrooms or in varandahs is not allowed.

15) To maintain discipline in the college, no student is allowed to go out of the college premises before 12.00 noon. However special cases can be given due concessions with the permission of the Vice-Principal, Senior Tutor, or Tutor.

16) Weapons of any type are not allowed in the college campus.

17) Ragging is a criminal offence. Legal action will be taken against students who are found guilty.

18) The students must keep their Identity Card and Driving Licence (if any) with them.



Library Hours: 09am to 3.30 pm.
Issue/ Return of documents: All working days for all classes.
Inter Library Loan (ILL): In an arrangement with the district library the college library arranges the required documents for faculty and students which are not available in the library on reciprocal basis.
LIBRARY HOURS: 09.00am to 3.30 pm.
ISSUE/ RETURN : All working days for all classes
TOTAL AREA (Sq.Mts.) : 203.5 sq.mtrs.
TOTAL SEATING CAPACITY: 61.5 sq. Mtrs. ( 30 students+ 20 staff)
INDIVIDUAL READING CARRELS: Yes, As Research Area for faculty
IT ZONE FOR ACCESSING E RES.: Departmental Resource Sharing with computer lab.
Collection Statistics of the college library
Total No. Of documents: 21418 ( REGULAR 20019; GCMSIP 1271; HATS 128)
Total No. Of e journals: 6000+ journals ( UGC INFONET- NLIST )
Total No. Of e books: 1,35,000 + (UGC INFONET- NLIST)
Total No. Of Serials/Magazines: 23
Total No. Of Newspapers: 12
The college library has good educational A/V collection in the form of CDs.
Boys Hostel( Free Accommodation for SC/BC)
12 Rooms
25 Students
Girls Hostel
09 Rooms
50 Students
(Operational after the construction of Boundary Wall)
Wheel chair
24*7 Emergency Available in Civil Hospital Mohali.

The Career Guidance and Counselling Cell of the college advises the students regarding educational and career options. Efforts are also made to find job placements for the students. Seminars are organised to help students in their personality development as well as understand various career opportunities

The college provides a system of student mentoring through the tutorial groups. Each student is assigned to a tutor, who is responsible for guiding and advising students. The students can take their problems to the tutor. This programme aims at cultivating a one to one personal relationship amongst students and teachers.